Monday, February 9, 2009

A Shopping Day and a Little About My Posts

Today I spent shopping and got the chance to go to Goodwill. There I found some really neat things that I will post pictures of on my blog Tuesday afternoon. I spent the whole day shopping at different places and of course spent some money, which is what I do unfortunately when I am depressed. To make a long story short, the reason for my depression today was the news that I am now considered a diabetic. My other blog tells of the journey that my husband Scott and I are going through in order to conceive our miracle. Feel free to visit anytime.

Thank you for all of your kind words and prayers. They mean so much to me and my husband. I also wanted to let you know that I will post everyday, the time however will not always be the same. For me it is usually after Scott goes to bed that I post for the next day, like I am now. But, tomorrow, or actually today, later this afternoon, I will be posting again those pictures of my finds at Goodwill. I am very excited about them! The reason I will be posting again this afternoon is because I am a substitute teacher and have to work in the morning, which makes my time to blog a little shorter since I have to get ready for the day. It is so wonderful to have all of you following my blog, what a blessing and miracle that is for me. :) I am going to get the hang of managing both blogs here, it is just going to take me a little time to adjust because I actually go through all of my followers blogs everyday and leave them comments. So, I will catch up on all of your blogs this afternoon since I did not get to do that.

Perfect prims and blessings,


This Country Girl said...


I'll look forward to your Goodwill finds!

I know what you's hard to find the time to post AND visit all the great blogs out there. You just have to grab the time that fits you best. I don't always get to post everyday.

Have a great Tuesday!

Back in the Day said...

Hey Stacey - I hit the Goodwill this weekend too! LOVE IT! I try to blog when I can and do good during the week but on the weekends I tend to slack off! My husband is diabetic and has been for 20 years now. We understand what you are going through! Let us know if you ever want to vent or talk!

Janene said...

Stacey...I am looking forward to seeing your goodwill finds! I live for this stuff!
My prayers are with you and your husband.
I try to post every weekday...I slack on the weekends. My best time is first thing in the morning. That was rather useless info. but sometimes that is all I am full of! LOL LOL

Lisa said...

Can't wait to see pics of your great finds. It was wonderful talking to you today.


Susie@YLP said...

Don't feel like you are neglecting anyone if you don't get to every blog on your list. Sometimes I'm a week (or two) behind, before I get through them. We all get busy (or in my case, tired and cranky and busy. lol