Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Redecorated Kitchen Cupboards

Happy summer everyone!  I know that summer is my favorite time of year because it means that our days are long and there is a lot of sunlight and I honestly can say that I really don't mind the heat.  It really is all about the sunshine for me.  :)  One of my favorite holidays is in July...yep, July 4th.  I love going to firework displays, watching our local 4th of July parade and having cookouts with family and friends.  Of course on the farm it also means wheat harvest and baling straw in the heat.  Even with that there is nothing like coming home and being able to have a glass of fresh, ice cold lemonade and sitting in our rocking chairs.

Now that school is out and our summer vacation has begun, I have been diligently trying to find a full time job with benefits.  For now, I don't know where this path may lead, but I have told God that where He leads I will follow.  The unknown can be really difficult and scary, especially when you are paying out of pocket for health insurance and your budget has really tightened up.  So for now my days are full of prayer, spending hours on the computer job hunting and a little decorating or in some cases redecorating.  My motto right now is "seeing the joy in the journey." 

Recently I wanted to redecorate the top of my cupboards in my kitchen since I have a couple of small collections started with scales, small crocks and lanterns.  Most of my small crocks and lanterns were inherited from my grandma and I feel so blessed to be able to have the space to display them.  Since I didn't take any before photos, I will leave you with my finished pictures.  I am really enjoying how it turned out, especially being able to display my small collections together. 

Until next time, have a very blessed day everyone!  Enjoy the sunshine and the warm weather. 

Blessings and Hugs,