Monday, October 12, 2009

My ABC's of Autumn

I saw this idea on Linda's blog over at Behind My Red Door who spotted the idea on Shanda's blog at Colonial HomeKeepings and thought that it was a great idea and one that I knew that I wanted to do. As a teacher, I love my abc's and coming up with list of things. (lol) So shall we get started on my list for one of my most favorite seasons of the year? Alright then!

A~ Apples, Apple Cider, Apple Pie, Apple Crisp - I love to go to the apple orchard and pick out some of those most delicious fruits and then come home and bake away.


B ~ Barn - where we spend much time getting ready for harvesting our fields.

B ~ Blessings - I have so many in my life that I am so very thankful for each and everyday.

B ~ Bonfires - One of my favorite things to do on those chilly nights is sit by the fire and snuggle with my dear hubby.

B ~ Buckeyes - We are very lucky here in Ohio to have buckeye trees from which we get beautiful buckeyes from. Not to forget the yummy candy that is made to look like buckeyes from peanut butter and chocolate (mmmmm)!


C ~ Crows - one of my favorite prim things to decorate with not only at fall time, but year round as well.

C ~ Corn - a crop that we grow on our farm and from which I get my cornstalks to use to decorate with.

C ~ Combine - I love riding in the combine with my hubby, there is nothing much like spending time doing what you love.

C ~ Craft Shows - I love to go to these during the Fall!


D ~ Decorating - I am so excited each year when fall time comes to be able to put up my decorations and change the look of my farmhouse.

D ~ Daylight - Our time changes and our days stay darker longer and longer.


E ~ Evenings - This is for those cool and crisp nights that you sit out at that the football games or start a fire in the fireplace at home. I love the glow of a fire going inside the fireplace. Ahhhh - I can feel the heat now!


F ~ Fields - the beauty of the fields of crops that we have planted, watched grow and become ready for us to harvest.

F ~ Festivals - Ohio is known for the great festivals and in the fall there are many around the whole state.


G ~ Gatherings - I love the time spent with family and friends during the autumn season.

G ~ Gourds - Oh the many types and kinds and the endless possibilities with choices on how to use them in your fall decor.


H ~ Hayrides - Who doesn't love to jump on the hay wagon and sit on a straw bale and take a ride before coming back in for some sweet treats and hot chocolate, coffee or hot apple cider!


I ~ Indian Corn - A decoration that I use and love because of the special and colorful look to their cobs.


J ~ Jesus - My Savior, Rock and Redeemer that is responsible for the most gorgeous time of year! Thanks be to God!

J ~ Jars - A time to finish the canning from your summer garden and the good eating that will be done in the winter.

J ~ Justin Boots - This is what I love, love, love to wear all of the time, not just doing farm work. You know a farm girl needs both work boots and goin' to town boots! (lol)


K ~ K & K Home Interiors - A store that I go to frequently and pick up awesome primitives for every season and holiday, as well as everyday decorating.

K ~ Kisses - Okay, I have to take this one from Linda and say that I love kissing my dear hubby and feeling his warm kisses in the crisp autumn air.


L ~ Leaves - I love to watch the leaves change colors.


M ~ Maple Syrup - The city that I live near is known as the Maple City.

M ~ Maple Trees - Those tall beauties that change colors into some of the most vivid colors ever!

M ~ Mums - One of my favorite flowers that I have and love to use as part of my primitive fall


N ~ Northshore Primitives - A store that I love to go to with my dear cousin Lisa. We have so much fun there and I could spend hours upon hours just looking, thinking and dreaming in there! Just ask her, she knows too!!! All I have to say is this store is a AWESOME!!!!!!!

N ~ November - The month that my birthday is in!!!!!!!!!!!


O ~ Open Houses - Many of the craft stores around my farmstead have open houses to showcase their fall decor.

O ~ Ohio State - My favorite university sports team! Go Bucks!!! OH --- IO!~!

O ~ Orange - A beautiful color during fall time and a color that I use a lot in my primitive decorating during this special season.


P ~ Pumpkins - Oh those great days when you go to the pumpkin patch and pick out just the right ones that you will use to decorate with and carve at the end of October.


Q ~ Quilts - What I love to snuggle up with on those extra chilly nights, especially with one of my favorite primitive magazines.


R ~ Rosehips - A frequent purchase of mine, especially during fall because of all of the fall/spice fragrances that can be used to make your home smell oh so good.

R ~ Red - My favorite primitive color and one that I use in my farmhouse a lot, especially the dark red that comes with the fall colors!!!!!!!


S ~ Simplify - A reminder of what country living is like and how I love the primitive country style of decorating as well as learning about the history of our primitive antiques, places and ancestors.

S ~ Soy Beans - Another crop that we grow on our farm and harvest in the fall.

S ~ Spices - How I love for my farmhouse to smell all of the time.

S ~ Scarecrows - A must for your prim fall decor both inside and outside.


T ~ Tractors - I love, love, love to drive them all around and use them to help do the farm work that needs to be done.

T ~ Thanksgiving - A time to remember all that we are thankful for and a holiday that seems to be getting smothered over by going straight from Halloween into the Christmas season. I know that we certainly try to make it a very special holiday and treat it as we would Christmas or Easter.


U ~ University Football - I just love to watch college teams play, especially my Ohio State Buckeyes!!!!!!!

U ~ Umbrellas - Gotta keep them handy for those cold, windy and rainy fall days when the leaves and ground are all wet and getting muddy.


V ~ Vines - Grapevines of course! I love the wreaths and trees that are made from them and the many ways that they can be lit up and decorated in the fall.


W ~ Walnut Trees - Oh all of those walnuts that fall off and how I have nearly fallen and broken my neck numerous times. Boy are they big and round and well I guess I will just have to get my rake out more often!!! (lol)


X ~ Extra - This is for all of the extra trips that we make to the grain elevators during the fall to take our corn and beans in from harvest.


Y ~ Yellow - The primitive yellows of mustard and antique gold that I also love and use in my color scheme for my farmhouse!


Z ~ Zillions - The number of ways to decorate your prim home for the autumn season!!!

That I must say was so fun to do! I really enjoyed it and will look forward to maybe seeing some more of you great prim gals posting about it too. Have a great day and may many blessings continue to be ever present in your lives.

Blessings and Perfect Prims,


Buttercup said...

You've got so many of my favorites in your ABCs. Right now I'm thinking apples and pumpkins, but I am beginning to think of Thanksgiving already, too. Thanks for your sweet comment about my Tim McGraw post. We would have had a great time if you had been with us! So glad you are posting again. Hugs and prayers for you and Scott

Country Whispers said...

Hi Stacey,
I thought maybe you fell off of blogland. So glad to see you are back. Wishing you luck on my giveaway. Now I'm off to catch up on your other blog.
Enjoy your day!

Lisa said...

Great post Stacey. It was lots of fun to read and that picture is just beautiful.


Susannah said...

Stacey, I love the picture of the corn field. Reminds me of so many things in my life.

I love your ABC Fall list! Wonderful to read. Sounds like you have a very happy attitude!


Karen/My Colonial Home said...

Hi Stacey, I love your ABC's...what a fun post. I have enjoyed reading other bloggers ABC's as well.